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In view of the current COVID-19 outbreak and to ensure the welfare of everybody, Haydays has currently suspended all its courses until further notice.


Read about what has recently happened in the newsletter below, or what has happened in the past by reading the archive.

December 2019

Dear Members,

Christmas comes more quickly every year but on the behalf of the Haydays Committee, I wanted firstly to thank everybody for continuing to support Haydays and I know that Haydays means a lot to very many of us. May I wish you all happiness for the festive season and hope that your New Year is likewise a very happy one?

Our Christmas party seems a while ago now but hopefully you still have happy memories? 102 people attended: wow. The new venue of St Andrews Bowling Club seemed to work very well and to encourage lively conversation and conviviality. Many of you were undoubtedly inspired by the choir's earlier rendition of “Dancing Queen" (good choice, Amy) to later hit the dance floor yourself– and I could swear that you too looked and moved as if "young and sweet, only seventeen".

The raffle (thanks again, Helen) showed once more that it's the taking part rather than winning that really matters (okay – I admit: winning is pretty cool as well). The key thing is that Haydays raised the wonderful total of £334 which we were able to distribute between the two favourite charities which you chose – Dementia Friendly St Andrews and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland. Thank you again if you contributed items for the hampers and thank you for buying the raffle tickets so enthusiastically.

You will have, of course, been aware that because of the planned renovation of our much loved base St Andrews Town Hall only limited rooms were available last session and several courses had to move elsewhere? The news for next term is, unfortunately, not good: in fact, we are unable to use the Town Hall at all until all the repair work is completed (so not before summer 2020). Therefore, all our classes will now have to take place elsewhere. Gulp. We are busily looking for alternatives. The goods news is that, as things stand, we are intending to run all classes (subject of course to the usual minimum of 5 registered by the deadline). They are, however, likely to be spread between the Memorial Hall, Hope Park & Martyrs, the Library and the Holy Trinity Church Hall. The finalised venue for each class will be clearly indicated in the Block 3 sign up sheets which you can expect to receive between Christmas and New Year. So I guess there is a slight danger of the social dynamics of us all being together might ebb a little but I'm really hoping this won't be the case. The spirit will go on wherever necessity takes us. I know everyone will understand that these rearrangements may not always be perfect but that resilience is the sign of a super organisation and a super membership. So thanks for your understanding. And just think of the excitement when we get back "home" to the Town Hall.

Please note that there will be no café facilities available on 14 January irrespective of the venues settled upon.

Do you fancy getting involved a bit more with Haydays? Golly, we would love new people to join the committee. To be honest, the committee is at present looking a little thin in numbers and, moreover, some members of the committee will be standing down after the AGM in the spring. We do then need new blood (not literally). Please do have a word with any member of the committee if you would like to find out more. Please do come forward so that the candle can continue to burn brightly. New people or even perhaps former committee members after refreshment and renewal: please everybody think about this. I can't tell you how important this is.

I mentioned the AGM: you may remember that it was announced at the last AGM that the 2020 AGM would be held slightly later during the year to allow time for the 2019 annual accounts to be approved by the financial examiner. The date will be announced well in time.

I guess you may well have received plenty of mail at Christmas? Please, if you can, don't forget to save your used stamps because we send them to the RNIB. If you can please trim the stamps to leave an appropriate margin of about 1 cm around the stamp. If not then simply leave plenty of surrounding envelope and pop in the collection box next to the Notice Board (not sure where that will be yet but it will be somewhere!)

Please may I finish with a few words of appreciation?

Firstly, I'd like to thank the Haydays tutors. Courses do not exist in the abstract – it is the tutor who brings them to life and through their enthusiasm and expertise then we get something really worthwhile. We are blessed with some great teachers.

I would like to thank all of those members who have helped out with the cafe and the catering and not least the washing up. I don't have to explain how important this is and how there are some hidden heroines out there.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues on the committee for all their hard work, commitment and time. Sometimes I am just really amazed by what some people do and very grateful.

Thank you for reading this.

Thank You,
Mark Dunkerley on behalf of the Haydays Committee.